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Nov 24, 2012 7:00am EST
, it is deplorable. it is a shame. when the republicans ran government, they never did anything for a healthcare plan. host: will in oxnzrdard, california. guest: it is obvious where he is coming from. medicare and social security has helped bring a lot of seniors out of poverty. there are social security scare tactics used. i call itmedi-scare. -- call it medi-scare. in 1996, the came forth with a plan to fix medicare. they know it is one to go broke. it is 10 or 12 years away from insolvency. even president obama's chief of staff said it may be only five years before it is insolvent. in 1996, the republicans came forth with a plan. they said this is an attempt to try to fix medicare to keep it viable and alive for future generations. the nancy pelosi of that day, richard gephardt said they are trying to dismantle social security and drive it over the cliff. the washington post is known as a leftist-center paper. the washington post said dick bull.dt's charges were they said they are trying to attack republicans. half to come together and fix this problem. that was 1996 and we are 15 years closer to
Nov 23, 2012 7:00am EST
the sequester went into affect. host: tricare, the health-care system for military personnel, that would be impacted. guest: that would be subject to the same 9.4% across-the-board cut as the rest of defense. tricare for life, which affects military retirees, that is exempted. it does not mean immediately everybody's premiums would increase, but it does mean providers and insurers would be subject to that cut. that whatever affects on the benefits they provide to the troops. host: how does tricare work right now? guest: tricare is the military's broad health benefits program, the same as the federal employees, or similar to the federal employees health benefits program on the civilian side. it provides health insurance for military service members. host: with getting phone calls. independent caller from massachusetts, marc. caller: good morning. happy black friday. with respect to sequestration, i just learned about it this morning, i guess it is a lot like what happened last year, it just threats and everybody is jumping. in reality, are there not certain cuts that can be made without t
Nov 22, 2012 7:00am EST
like the rest of america is supposed to survive. the health-care debate i am afraid is going to put me into poverty in a matter of time if i do not acquire the insurance. they are going to levy the tax is against my home, and after three years it will be so high, i'm afraid they will take my home. that puts me in the poverty. i'm kind of wondering what the thoughts and views on that would be. host: elizabeth lower-basch, anything you would like to respond to? guest: these under the health care act for not buying insurance are -- penalties under the health care act for not buying insurance are quite modest. it is higher than people can afford, it is waived. that has been overblown. there has been an of hot air about the health care law, and it does not get -- there has been a lot of hot air about the health care law. host: our last call comes from michael vincent in staten island. hi, michael. caller: good morning to all, and thank you very much, peter. i just saw your last name for the first time, and i'm the sure i can say -- [speaking norwegian] i am disabled, i am on food stamps. i
Nov 25, 2012 7:00am EST
: great question. i have not engaged with the health-care industry at all regarding that. that is something that needs to be considered. there is a lot of movement toward standardized medical records and the information sharing of medical data. therein lies the issue that you stated innovation to the -- in relation to the tax returns. i put a lot of information out about myself. how does that impact and what if it gets hacked? it is not a fun thing to think about and it is not something that people want to happen. it would cost billions of dollars should that occur. i do not know what the health- care industry is doing. i can say that on the irs side of the house. i did speak with a couple of irs folks a defcon. we met with some folks and i have spoken with colleagues of mine. i know there are protections. one of the other administrations was hacked in the last few months. the department of navy had a bunch of social security numbers hacked and mine was one of them. if this is going to jump the fence and go into health care medical records, more needs to be done. more edu
Nov 28, 2012 7:00am EST
said the agency must be allowed to use prepayments on the retirement health-care fun and allow general mail delivery on saturday. he said he thinks most people do not realize that in his words, we are 100% self-sufficient. we pay our own way. but the postal agency is losing $16 billion this year. the epa is set -- is temporarily suspending bp from new contracts with the u.s. government. two weeks ago, bp agreed to plead guilty involving -- in its involvement in the death of a love and oil workers in the oil spill in the gulf in 2010. bp also agreed to lying to congress over how much oil was spilled. defense secretary leon panetta, along with the vice president's wife, dr. khiel biden, -- jill biden, held a dedication at the vietnam memorial here in washington. it is expanding the planned scope of the center to include more recent service members. they must still raise $38 million for construction. those are some of the headlines on c-span radio on 16 bases in the united states -- on c-span radio. >> of 16 basis of states we have thousands of milton -- military schools. the average cos
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5